An online media coop wants to publish an article about Cooperation Birmingham

Hello, I’m a cofounder of Mutual Interest, a free online media owned by the readers and the writers as a cooperative. We currently have 37 reader-members who each distribute 20 points between their favourite articles every month. Our funds are distributed to the writers according to how many points their articles receive, and how many articles each writer has written.

If you would be interesting in promoting Cooperation Birmingham by writing an article about it, we would be more than happy to publish it and encourage our readers to support you. I will guarantee with my personal money that the writer will be compensated at least 20£ regardless of the result of the members vote. It can also be paid as a donation to your crowdfunding campaign if you so wish.

Let me know if any of your are interested. The article should be 600 - 1200 words, polite, constructive and informative, not divisive. There is a bunch of Facebook pages with rather large following that are happy to share our content, so hopefully the exposure will also lead to new donations and volunteers to you :slight_smile:.

If you are interested reply here or email me at

I posted this in the Social Media and Outreach Working Group, hope thats fine.