Aims and Principles ideas thread

Hi all - we have discussed previously in meetings, and will discuss more in an upcoming politics meeting, about the idea of coming up with some basic aims and principles for the group which we can refer to when making decisions about things like collaborations, fundraising, structures etc. We already have some shared ideas so I think it’s just a case of formalising it a bit in some way. This can also really help with our media messaging if it’s straight-forward.

Some ideas I have already based on what has been discussed and how we already operate:

  1. We share resources freely, nobody has to tell us their situation to receive aid or resources when they ask for it. We take all requests in good faith.
  2. Anyone can join and participate in the democratic structures of the organisation, provided they abide by and act in line with our principles.
  3. There will be no discrimination towards anyone based on financial status/class, gender, race, sexuality, immigration status, disability, age or other characteristics. This applies to people receiving meals/resources, people working within the project and anyone else we come into contact with in the course of the project.
  4. We will do our utmost to be transparent about all of our activities including, but not limited to, finances, decision making and resource allocation.
  5. We aim to eliminate hierarchies within the organisation whilst recognising that they will arise and, when they do, we should aim to address them fairly.

There’s loads more and maybe some of these are a bit clunky. Please comment if you have ideas!


I like these principles, maybe this could be somehow merged with the code of conduct?