AGM March 21 list of proposals

Hi all, let’s use this post to compile all the proposals to be discussed at the upcoming AGM, to take place on March 20th.

If you add a proposal to the list but won’t be able to join the AGM, please make sure to include enough details and context for the rest to understand it.

AGM proposals:

Hi, Paul here. Cecile, Seb and I would like to give an update on the progress of The Solidarity Kitchen Cafe. We are almost finished with the business plan. We plan to open on 21st June 2021. We have already received £4,000 worth of funding and plan to source more funds to cover wages costs for the first years running. Sean shared an exciting proposal to work with Cooperation Brum and a membership scheme, drawing in more users and some potential additional funds. We are building relationships with The Outside project-London (A queer homeless project) and Cafe Queero who would like to run a pop up event in the cafe. Please add us to the agenda. As we get closer to opening we would like to put a call out for more people to get involved. If possible using Cooperation Birmingham (Newsletter or email list) to invite people to add their names to our volunteer list and begin engaging with the network of organisations and projects that can make use of Sol Kit cafe. I shall be available to speak between 18:30- 20:00. Thx x

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Hi all,

In relation to the proposals posted above (I have been talking to people about them - they aren’t all just coming from me!), I have drawn this dependency tree style thing to help see how the proposals relate to each other. Hopefully it will help clarify things a bit.