Agenda for March 2021 AGM


Saturday 27th March 2021, 16:00-20:30 GMT.


The meeting will be taking place on Zoom.

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With the occasion of the 1st anniversary since we delivered our first meals from the Solidarity Kitchen, we are organising our first Annual General Meeting. We are also putting together a very special panel with friends from renowned movements in London and Barcelona. We will also be having a virtual joint dinner (in anticipation of future collective in person feasts). The event is open to all, and we strongly encourage everyone who has been involved in any way (or who would like to be involved the future) to attend.


Talk: Mutual Aid, how can it be sustained? 16:00-17:30

Facilitator: @Lai @Nina

In this session, we will start with a short recap of what we have achieved in our first year of life. Then, we will hear about the inspiring projects from our friends at Cooperation Town and Sants Barri Cooperatiu (Sants Cooperative Neighbourhood). Cooperation Town is a new network of community-led food co-ops owned and democratically run by their members in cities and town across the UK.

During the covid pandemic, Cooperation Town co-ops took part in mass food distribution to neighbours on low or no income.

Sants Barri Cooperatiu is a network of coops, community assemblies and social movements which has been fighting for economic democracy and popular sovereignty for the past 15 years in the neighbourhood of Sants (Barcelona). We will finish the session with an open discussion.

Welcomes - 16:00-16:10

Introductions - 16:10-16:20

Cooperation Town - 16:20-16:40

Sants Cooperatiu - 16:40 - 17:00

Audience questions and discussion - 17:00-17:30

Virtual Joint Dinner - 17:30-18:30

We know that the best discussions usually happen outside meetings, while sharing food or drinks. That’s why we will have a joint dinner through which we can speak informally about our pets, allotments, or the revolution (who knows!). We are offering all attendees a free meal cooked by the Solidarity Kitchen.

You should have already received your meal. If you didn’t receive a meal from the Solidarity Kitchen, feel to join us with your own food and hang out.

Annual General Meeting - 18:30-20:00

Facilitator: @nick
Minute taker: @loreid

Yes, after the fun and the food, we will be having a discussion about the future of Cooperation Birmingham. The session will be structured around the proposals that are posted in the forum. Anyone can add a proposal, and if you don’t know how to do it, just get in touch on the forum.

Introductions and welcomes - 18:30-18:40

Voting will be done on the forum in thread of each proposal. The deadline for votes is 3rd April 2021 which is one week from the AGM.

Votes can either be In Favour, Against, Abstain and Block. At least two blocks are needed to actually cause a proposal to not pass. If a proposal is blocked, a discussion will be organised in which their concerns will be addressed.

We will be discussing the following proposals:

Co-op brum decision making process - 18:40-19:00 - Leo

Symbiotic support for union struggles and BTUC - 19:00-19:20 - Sean and BTUC

Formalising mebership with OpenCollective - 19:20-19:30 - Leo

Break - 19:30-19:40

Solidarity Kitchen Cafe - 19:40-19:50 - Paul and Cecille

Subscription funding two projects - 19:50-20:00 - Sean

Forming a media co-operative - 20:00-20:20 - Leo and Sean

Break and goodbyes - 20:20-20:30

I’ve attached the finance report - @sean_f has offered to present this… before the proposals, perhaps?

Cooperation Birmingham finance report and proposals.pdf (239.7 KB)


@ben We might just quickly direct people to it and summarise it?

Yes - I’m happy to do this