Adopting the organisational structure

We recently approved our organisational structure, and following the discussion we had at the organising meeting yesterday, the transition to adopt the organisational structure should go like this:

  1. Adapting the forum. The working groups section should reflect the new distribution, and ideally there could be a post pinned with the list of tasks assigned to each working group, the current members, and the coordinator. We should probably open another section of the forum called “Operations”. (@Lai)

  2. Recruiting volunteers. All working groups should be populated with a few people, and at least one of them should be someone currently involved in Cooperation Birmingham with some knowledge of the internal dynamics. In case that one or more working groups do not have enough participants (like Admin & Outreach) we should send an email to all participants and do some active recruiting.

  3. Once the working groups are populated, they should elect a coordinator. The coordinator will be held accountable for the tasks listed under their specific working group, and will be the point of contact and reference for dealing with other working gruops and onboarding new participants. This is a rotating role.