10th of may full electrical shutdown - info

Hey, so the warehouse and FOE building is having a full electrical shutdown. This will happen on the 10th May for the WHOLE day. So we cannot deliver on this day.

  • ciara

This would be a good time to have a second kitchen set up by then!


We’re now about a week off this… are we satisfied that we can do normal operations by cooking double the day before?

I think we can do 300 on saturday, I will start to make a plan for this :slight_smile:

This has been moved to the 1st of June : Hi again -

  1. Just to confirm at Monday 1st June has been arranged for the electrical works so you won’t be able to use the kitchen that day. Thank you for sorting this. Can you confirm receipt?

  2. If you let me know who’s on duty/keyholder this coming Tuesday (26th) I can text them to remind them that Faiza will be needing to get in. Can you do this please?