Solidarity Kitchen Cafe

Invitation to collaborate

This is a call out to get involved in creating Solidarity Kitchen Cafe.

The vision is to create a safe community space for local people in need. Somewhere to meet and eat together delicious, nutritious vegan food on a pay as you feel basis.

This builds on the success of Solidarity Kitchen, which united Birmingham folk to fund, cook and deliver freely 15,000+ meals to those in need during the Spring and Summer of 2020.

We shall be drawing on the experience and expertise of Cooperation Birmingham, a network of like minded individuals building a solidarity economy through mutual aid projects that serve ourselves and surrounding communities.

All welcome to come and be part of the growth of this vision. Please add your availability to the poll for the next meeting and feel free to add to the agenda.

Poll :


Hey sorry I didn’t see this too early I can make wednesday evening next week @Paul

The poll for the next Solidarity Kitchen Cafe meeting is closed. Next meeting at 6pm tomorrow Wednesday 2nd December. All welcome to join on this jitsi link:

Feel free to add to the Agenda:

Hi Sean, tomorrow evening was the most popular choice on the poll. It may be that a weekly Wednesday meeting will start and you could join next week?

Here is the link to the minutes of last nights meeting for Solidarity Kitchen Cafe. Sean will be setting up a category on Coop Brum website for Sol Kit Cafe. A working group intends to continue developing the business plan, initially using a CIC. Exploring how the project can open initially with volunteers, with the intention of providing waged roles as funding allows. Planning to be self funded after an initial investment. Work groups shall link developments/meetings and records on the Google drive to the website. Intention to draw people into developing and running the project and ensuring open access of info for all.

@Seb you were going to post an update and link to the cafe stuff here in this thread - just tagging you so you can find it!